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Our approach is underpinned by exceptional analysis of business data 

to provide real insights that provide certainty in your decisions. 



• Our experienced and knowledgeable team is equipped to help you with a wide variety of data driven issues and challenges.

• Rely on our transparent approach - we will discuss specific requirements and objectives in complete confidence.

• We will challenge plans and thinking, in a supportive and pragmatic manner.

• We will use your data carefully, and thoroughly evidence our reports to you. 



LynchBuchanan deliver cost-effective routes to achieve better outcomes.



We also specialise in multi-channel digital - including;

Campaign planning, Adwords, Facebook, Email Marketing, Direct Marketing, Telemarketing Management.

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Use Skilled Specialists

Everything we do is counted and measured, and assessed whether it has assisted our clients to achieve their goals.
With extensive, internal resources we deliver significant benefits, quickly. 
Number & Software Specialists

Based in High Wycombe for over 20 years, we work with number all the time. 

We are among the country's leading Excel specialists. David Lynch MBA FCMA is the Managing Director, and runs a number of Excel training courses across the year, using a sister company SpreadsheetArchitecture. He is on the National Council of CIMA, and is Area 11 Chairman. 

With a substantial track record in delivering highly performing Financial Services to medium and large business, our software and skills are at work in many places: 

Our delivery of secure SQL software to internet based clients is crucial. See our sister company BusinessGT - for whom we wrote their entire accounting package with integrated CRM, Project Management and Web Site. It is a great system.

Gender Pay Reporting

Financial Reporting is a real skill - and sadly, the UK Government currently have it very wrong with the current Gender Pay Gap Reporting requirements. 

As a consequence, we offer a service to companies who employ over 250 to prepare their Gender Pay Gap Reports, and to add to the information much more depth about aspects such as a) Seniority in the Firm, b) Promotions of Staff, and c) the profile of Leavers and the effect on staff cohort statistics.

We use two simple and easily produced sets of output from your end of tax year reporting, and produce the reports you need from them.

Advanced Gender Pay Reports

The base reports are helpful, and provide useful information - but it is better to have the advanced reports, as these show more information concerning promotions, and leavers on the data.

You have the option to have us produce (with your guidance) superbly designed info-graphics that present the information well, and tell the story in your firm as to your Gender Pay Gap - how it arises, what is being done to ensure fairness, and to make sure that the firm's best interests are being pursued.

Ethnicity Pay Reports

Recently we added in the option to collect slightly more data (your HR records probably have it readily available) and to process a couple of reports that can be very helpful in ensuring your pursuit of equality and fairness is backed up with your on-the-ground reality. 

Whilst this takes more time, it can be a valuable part of the information you make available to your stakeholders.